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In hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and other healthcare settings, Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN’s)  offer basic care and assistance to patients. They are responsible for providing basic bedside care, such as aiding patients with meals, medication administration, wound care, and minor medical requirements, as well as personal hygiene.

因为LPN认证可以在正式LPN课程开始后的一年内获得, being an LPN is a popular method to begin the field of nursing. 对于那些想在医疗保健行业工作的初级员工来说,这是一个很好的选择,因为他们没有四年学位的经济承诺.


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What Is A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Program?

执业护士课程旨在教育学生进行基本护理活动所需的理论和执业护士教育知识. Anatomy and physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, nutrition, early childhood development, medical terminology, clinical laboratory methods, infection control protocols, and other topics are usually covered in a practical nursing course. LPN training 课程为学生准备参加NCLEX-PN(全国委员会执业护士执照考试)并获得执照提供教育基础.

持牌执业护士在医疗保健专业人员的监督下为病人/客户/住院医生提供必要的护理. They work closely with the healthcare team to administer medication, take vital signs, assist with meals, provide wound care, and provide nursing care to the population they are working with. 执业护士(lpn)展示有效的治疗沟通,为患者提供护理.

lpn在医生或执业护士的指导下在医疗环境中工作,提供基本的医疗服务. Practical nurse duties could include checking blood pressure and vital signs, clothing patients, aiding with bathing, taking blood samples, and keeping records. There are many opportunities for LPNs to work in acute care facilities; long term care facilities ,clinics, medical offices, schools and group homes dependent upon which state and neighborhood you reside in. LPNs are a vital part of the healthcare team, 许多人也选择继续他们的教育,成为注册护士和/或高级护理提供者.

There are many flexible shifts and opportunities for Practical Nurses to work. These shifts can vary between 4-12 hours depending on the employment. 在工作日、晚上、晚上和周末都有很多工作机会. 作为一名LPN包括转移病人和提供直接护理,这可能对体力要求很高. 实习护士遵循感染控制政策和程序,以减少感染传染病的风险. 实习护士的角色可能会有压力和体力要求,但作为一名实习护士的回报是很多的.


LPN Program Curriculum

The practical nursing courses are  demanding and fast-paced. Students must be able to critically think and learn information in a brief time. Aside from classroom instruction, 这些项目包括在技能实验室的实践学习活动,以及在指导老师的指导下进行临床轮转,让学生将他们所学到的知识付诸实践. 执业护士课程包括解剖学和生理学等课程, medical terminology, 和药理学,以及涵盖生命各个阶段的护理课程.

LPN(执业护士)课程提供教育,使护理学生成为一名安全的执业者,并在全国执业护士执照考试中取得成功,the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) –PN.


 The following topics are usually covered in depth in LPN programs:

 #1 Anatomy And Physiology

学生将学习人体系统和器官结构,如运动技能(如.g., how to move limbs), sensory functions (e.g., how to perceive light, sound, and smell), respiratory functions (e.g., how to breathe), circulatory functions (e.g., how to circulate blood around the body), and endocrine systems (e.g., hormones).

#2 Patient Evaluation

LPN课程的学生收集患者的数据,并与医疗保健时间一起审查,以制定患者的护理计划. 数据收集包括病人的身体状况、社会状况和精神状况.

#3 Controlling Infections

In the Practical Nursing or Nurse classroom and the workplace, students learn about infection control concepts and how to apply them.  学生学习遵守感染控制政策和程序,以减少感染和交叉污染的风险. This includes the handling of supplies and equipment.

#4 Food Safety and Nutrition

实习护理专业的学生接受营养和医疗条件下的特定饮食方面的教育. 他们还学习有关营养的文化和宗教信仰,以及营养如何影响病人的护理. 他们提供有关饮食和食品安全的信息,以帮助患者进行饮食.


Is There A List Of Requirements?

Yes, in general. Because most practical nurse training is provided at community colleges, trade schools, and technical institutions, you must first fulfill the school’s admission standards. 每个学校都不一样,但你总是需要高中文凭或GED才能参加. 你还需要参加基本学术技能测试(TEAS),这是学生在入学过程中需要参加的一项诊断性测试. tea测试显示了学生为护理学校做好准备的可靠情况,并为潜在学生的学术优势和劣势提供了有价值的见解.

Additional requirements for your practical nurse education program may exist. 例如,你可能需要学过高中生物或一定数量的数学课. If you did not take these subjects in high school, 在申请LPN项目之前,你可能需要在你现在的学校完成它们.


Are There Any Online Programs?

Your training can have a number of classes in an online format. However, you will need to learn in person for a portion of your education. 您必须以实践临床时数的形式获得经验,作为获得LPN许可证的众多要求之一. 这些必须在当地医院、养老院或其他临床机构完成. Your program and state will determine the precise number of hours you require.

In most cases, 这意味着你可以在网上学习传统的课堂课程——你必须和你选择的学校的招生代表谈谈,以了解具体细节. Your clinical hours will subsequently be assigned to you by your program. For example, 你可以完全在线学习解剖学和生理学,但要完成护理课程的要求, you will need to complete in-person hours in a local healthcare center. 米尔德丽德·埃利学院恰好是满足所有这些要求的最好的学院之一.


Summing Up

After you have completed your program which includes clinical hours , 你将需要通过NCLEX-PN(全国委员会执业护士执照考试)并获得执照. Take the next step and contact Mildred Elley if this material has piqued your interest in pursuing this career. Now, more than ever, your abilities and compassion are needed!


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