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Whether you plan to start your own company or establish your credentials as a future leader in an organization. Enrolling in an online business management degree program provides an excellent platform to showcase your leadership capabilities to potential investors or employers in countless industrial environments. Our business management program at Mildred Elley is available through our online classes. With detailed courses in business practices, accounting, management and more. You can master business leadership, analysis, and decision-making by studying with our online college program. Mildred Elley’s online Business Management degree program also offers scholarships and financial aid for those who qualify. In addition, all graduates benefit from the promise of Mildred Elley’s lifetime job placement assistance.


Our Online Business Management Degree Program

 Because business management overlaps with a number of different business criteria, it’s essential to learn these skills from the business experts themselves. As a result, Mildred Elley’s associates degree in business management has been designed and taught by dedicated educators. Our online classes will teach you about the core functions of management, applicable across a range of business and trade sectors. 

  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Leading
  • Controlling

Our educators will help you master the art of written and oral business communications, which is essential for modern-day workplace practices. While also teaching you the fundamentals of the day-to-day functions required in business management, including;

  • Sales and marketing
  • Budget analysis and forecasting
  • Bookkeeping and payroll accounting
  • Human Resources training

These critical business insights provide an excellent overall understanding of business principles. However, learning how to apply these within different working environments have helped Mildred Elley graduates progress in their varied chosen industry fields.



Mildred Elley’s Business Management Degree Online

Following your dreams and learning a new skill set has to fit around your current life and work commitments. Here at Mildred Elley, we get this. Our online Business Management courses provide the perfect opportunity to study in your own time to learn around your existing obligations.  By enrolling in our online Business Management degree program, consider yourself a step closer to your goals. Learning first-hand from a range of industry experts can help you flourish in management positions.

Our dedicated educators in our online Business Management course provide expert technical support to help you master the essential skills needed. These skills include learning how to communicate ideas and people management, the ability to decode financial budgets, and how technology can be used to develop future business strategies. As an online student at Mildred Elley, we’ll also teach you crucial business management theories and best practices before you progress into your chosen industry after graduation, such as utilizing market research to identify potential areas of business growth.



What is the Business Management Career and Salary Outlook?

Studying for an online business management degree provides an excellent opportunity to pursue a career path of your choosing. Having gained a solid understanding of business management, graduates become a prospect for any entry-level management and some supervisory positions.

Additionally, management occupations are a growing sector across the country. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is projecting that management occupations are expected to grow by 8% between 2021 and 2031. That’s an impressive 883,900 new jobs over the decade, along with an additional 1.1 million openings each year, on average, projected to come from growth and replacement needs. 1

Business Management Provides Exciting Career Opportunities

Studying a Business Management course online can open many doors toward an exciting new career. Employers actively seek graduates with the skills gained through studying business management because they can be applied across numerous industrial sectors. These include education, information technology (IT), and human resources.


Mildred Elley’s Business Management Degree Program Benefits

Here at Mildred Elley, we strive to make our degree programs as inclusive as possible. Therefore, in addition to our flexible learning schedules you will receive an internship placement before graduation. Our campus and hybrid online college programs also include additional benefits available to students, including;

Financial Aid & Scholarships 

Mildred Elley’s Office of Financial Aid is available to help all students who qualify. Support is offered to students during the application, and processing stages of their financial aid claims to help meet tuition costs. 

Free Career Assessment

As part of our commitment to our students, you will also receive a free career assessment to help identify different pathways into employment. 

Mildred Elley’s Lifetime Job Placement Assistance

All Mildred Elley graduates can also enjoy our lifetime job placement assistance, ensuring we are available to help you source a successful career in business management. This includes additional help in job searching, resume writing, and interview preparation support.

Veterans Education

Mildred Elley is approved by Veterans Affairs (VA) in NY to assist Veterans who are actively looking to train for a career in business.


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