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At Mildred Elley, 我们致力为有志成为资讯科技专业人士的人士提供最佳的教育和学习环境. The 在线信息技术学位的设计提供了超级灵活的学习,所以你可以 pursue a new career around your existing commitments. Our Information Technology program 能教会你信息技术的原理和各种各样的职业从这些学到的技能受益. With degree concentrations in Network Administration and Coding and Scripting, Mildred Elley可以为您提供一个追求新的IT事业的平台. With additional educational services, 包括为符合条件的学生提供经济援助,并为所有毕业生提供终身就业援助, 今天就让米尔德丽德·埃莉帮你迈出迈向新职业的第一步吧. 


Mildred Elley’s Online Information Technology AOS Degree 

With the benefit of learning from home, our 在线信息技术AOS学位课程提供多种IT技能. Our curriculum provides a grounding in a range of IT professions. As part of our online Information Technology Degree, you can also select the concentration that interests you most. Building on the essential IT elements, 你可以选择网络管理或编程和脚本. 我们的教育工作者团队将帮助您通过技术和日常的挑战涉及两个浓度. 信息技术学位课程的目的是为学生提供强调当代信息技术和基础设施的教育,使他们能够探索技术行业潜在的职业道路. 拥有这些技术技能的毕业生可以提供入门级IT职业所需的必要技能.


Mildred Elley’s Online IT Degree Programs

 Here at Mildred Elley, 我们的老师和员工为我们的学生提供最高水平的教育而感到自豪. 学位集中可以帮助你专注于你最感兴趣的领域. Our 在线信息技术学位提供了涉及IT原则的坚实基础, including:

  • Software and hardware development and installation
  • Network performance analysis
  • Creating and designing websites
  • Database management
  • Helpdesk and user support


Coding and Scripting Concentration

 Selecting to study our Coding and Scripting 在线信息技术学位课程提供了你可以专攻的不同计算机编程语言的概述——从web开发到软件编码, quality assurance, and testing. Students learn how coding can help develop faster software solutions, design and interpret algorithms, 或者创建令人惊叹的网页——这些都是数字世界的重要组成部分. Mildred Elley’s online Information Technology Degree with a concentration in 编程和脚本为毕业生在开发和测试领域的职业生涯提供了一个很好的跳板.

 我们的教育团队可以为您提供工具和指导,帮助您学习一系列编程语言, including:

  • Java
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • HTML and HTML5
  • And more!

Network Administration Concentration

 网络管理对于最先进的通信至关重要,并提供现代业务实践所需的关键基础设施. Our Network administration 信息技术学位可以教会学生如何建立这些核心通信网络并快速解决技术问题, which reduces performance downtime. Students who graduate successfully will be eligible to take the CompTIA Networking+ Certification Exam.


  • Networking
  • Network Server management 
  • Network Computer Security
  • Network Infrastructure


Choosing to study IT online at Mildred Elley

Mildred Elley让你更容易在it领域朝着令人兴奋的新职业发展. 我们的教育团队在这里与您一起工作,创造一个灵活的学习环境, allowing you to study around your existing work and family obligations. Learning around any current commitments, our online Information Technology Degree 提供了一个用户友好的平台,通过组成在线IT课程的课程来进步. 我们致力于在在线环境中提供一流的教育,这有助于确定您的核心技能,并朝着获得学士学位的目标迈进 degree in Information technology in your chosen concentration. 然而,这只是你在Mildred Elley 's注册的一个好处 online Information Technology Degree. We are also committed to providing 一系列旨在使整个过程尽可能简单的学生服务. When you enroll in our Information Technology degree online program, you will also have access to our dedicated departments that provide: 

Financial Aid & Scholarships

 Our Office of Financial Aid is available to all Mildred Elley students. 有资格获得经济援助的学生将在整个申请和处理阶段获得帮助,以帮助支付学费.

Career Services

 At Mildred Elley, 您还将获得深入的免费职业评估,旨在帮助您为入门级IT领域的新职业做好准备. As part of your education, you’ll receive job searching advice, resume writing tips, and interview preparation support.

Mildred Elley’s Lifetime Job Placement Assistance

 Mildred Elley完全致力于为您提供所需的一切支持,帮助您在IT行业发展. As a result, our online Information Technology Degree graduates also benefit from our lifetime job placement assistance. 

Veterans Education 

As Mildred Elley is approved by Veterans Affairs (VA), 我们可以帮助那些积极寻求技术职业培训的退伍军人.  


The career outlook in the field of IT 

In the evolving world of technology, businesses are constantly seeking to keep up with its innovation. Here at Mildred Elley, our 在线信息技术学位课程旨在为您提供这个不断增长的就业领域的最佳基础.

 Businesses need technology to survive, 不仅要保持创新,还要提高效率,帮助内部和外部沟通. As a result of this, 美国劳工统计局(BLS)预计,信息技术行业的就业人数将增加约449人,400 jobs over the decade.1 The BLS also expects about 377,每年新增500个职位,以满足增长和替代需求. 2这两项预测意味着,劳工统计局预计,从2022年到2032年,IT行业的就业人数将增长10%. 1


*Mildred Elley不保证任何学生或毕业生就业.

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