Mildred Elley Alumni Association

Mildred Elley is proud to celebrate more than 100 years of educating the Capital Region!

The Mildred Elley Alumni Association is a network that aims to keep alumni connected with each other and with the school.

The Alumni Association helps you stay in touch, get an edge in your career, network with other Mildred Elley Alumni and more!

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Top Reasons To Join

It’s the #1 way to connect to Mildred Elley!

As Alumni, you’ll find many ways to stay in touch with your classmates and staff, but only our Alumni Association is dedicated to keeping you informed about Mildred Elley through our Alumni Facebook group, emails of news relevant to alumni, and website postings.

Get an Edge in Your Career

 Your certificate or degree increases with Continuing Education and Enrichment. Mildred Elley offers continuing education to all Alumni such as our Massage Therapy Graduates. You can never stop learning and expanding your knowledge and skills.

Career Services

Career Services is focused on building career successes for our students and alumni, making them marketable and skilled with great opportunities, while expanding and promoting their abilities and understanding of how to be successful in both their career and in life. Membership offers you resources and support to help you advance professionally and take your career to the next level. Whether its resume help, mock interviews or job placement assistance, we are always here to offer support to our Alumni.

You’re in the Know

 Members receive the latest news about Mildred Elley through events and email. Whether it’s news about your school, continuing education, success stories, or the latest research, you’ll hear it from us.

Alumni Recognition

 We are always looking for alumni to share their success or to act as guest speakers at events.
We encourage our alumni to share their Mildred Elley stories to inspire current students!

Build a network of Mildred-Elley Alumni

 You’ll find a strong network of Mildred Elley alumni support across the states of New York and Massachusetts. Through this association, you have the chance to meet new people, network, make connections, enhance relationships and build your career with fellow classmates.

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